LocoRoco Viole
Theme SongArten Daffu
Voiced ByAya Hirano (JP; dialog)

Michelle143 (JP; vocal)

Viole (ヴィオレ Viore) is the violet LocoRoco whose title is the Confident Tomboy.


Viole is a purple-colored LocoRoco with dark violet three sets of hairs on top. She has half opened turquoise eyes, lavender eye shadows and big purple kiss-shaped lips.

When Viole eats a berry or absorbing a second Viole, her three sets of hairs grow into seven sets of hairs.


Viole is tough and acts like Kulche's protector. She isn't scared of anything, especially to the Mojas.

Friends and Relatives


  • Kulche
  • Budzi
  • Pekerone
  • Chavez
  • Priffy
  • Tupley



  • Jamie the Jamsch - Her friend. Both love get along in the mushroom forest (not only in Kelapton).



  • Fiona the Tapu Fini - They're not really close to each other but they're good friends.
  • Pearl the Pheromosa - Her friend. Because Pearl has an obsession with makeup, she tries to let Viole put it on, however Viole refuses to (cause she looks like she already has makeup! XD)
  • Violet the Poipole - Her very best friend. Their favorite thing to do is camping.
  • Kathy the Blacephalon - Viole loves to watch Kathy's performances.

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