Tupley Roco is a supporting character in [[]]. His dialog voice is done by TBA while his vocal is done by TBA.


Tupley actually has a mature personality yet having a huge appetite. He is seen eating nuts and chilling out, but will leap at anything edible; hence his title name "voracious".


Tupley is a blue-colored LocoRoco with round, curved double antennas on top. He has small black eyes and big pink lips.

Friends and RelativesEdit

Friends and Relatives from LocoRocoEdit

Pekeroné - His best friend.

Other Relatives from Other CharactersEdit

Joe Kido - His owner and best friend.

Cannon the Cannogabang - His friend and sometimes, they like to eat their snacks together.

Favorites and Least FavoritesEdit


  • His favorite food is EVERYTHING.
  • His favorite drink is EVERYTHING.

Least FavoritesEdit

  • His least favorite foods are the not-so-delicious food.
  • His least favorite drinks are the not-so-delicious drinks.

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