Priffy Roco is a supporting character in [[]]. Her dialog voice is done by TBA while her vocal is done by Leah Dizon.


Priffy is bright and cheerful but sometimes, she can be clumsy. She is seen chatting to her friends even to her best friend Viole.


Priffy is a pink-colored LocoRoco with a hard-edged, curved single antenna on top. She has purple eyes, an apricot pink-colored lipstick, and a feminine voice. She even speaks with a French accent.

Friends and RelativesEdit

Friends and Relatives from LocoRocoEdit

Viole - Her best friend.

Kulche - Priffy is the babysitter of Kulche and she somewhat have a love interest on Kulche.

Other Relatives from Other CharactersEdit

Mimi Tachikawa - Her owner and best friend.

Hikari Yagami - Her 2nd owner and best friend.

Naughtyfins - Her frenemy. The reason of this is because Mimi Tachikawa likes them both.

Haruno Haruka - Her friend. Both get along together in the flower fields and acting like princesses. WHAT A COINCIDENCE! XD

Diancie - Her friend. Priffy often assists Diancie in her tea parties and jewelry making.

Favorites and Least FavoritesEdit


Least FavoritesEdit


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