Pekeroné 'Peké' Roco is a supporting character in [[]]. His dialog voice is done by Hiroyuki Yoshino while his vocal is done by Hiroaki Takechi.


Pekeroné has a funny personality, and he is always excited. He is considered to be very annoying due to his funny personality.


Pekeroné is a red-colored LocoRoco with three blunt ended dark maroon-colored spike hairs on top. He has a humorous crooked mouth shape and sings or speaks with very distinct R's. He is so adept that he can rotate both his eyes in different directions at the same time.

Friends and RelativesEdit

Friends and Relatives from LocoRocoEdit

Budzi - His best friend.

Tupley - His best friend.

Kulche - His friend.

Other Relatives from Other CharactersEdit

Koushiro Izumi - His owner and best friend. Koushiro sometimes gets annoyed and distracted of Pekeroné's actions; but most of time time he doesn't.

Jack the Destrobo - His somewhat friend. The reason for this is because they are not close with each other.

BTW, Jack the Destrobo is also staying with Koushiro Izumi much how Pekeroné stays with Koushiro Izumi (CUZ KOUSHIRO LIKES DESTROBOS! :D).

Favorites and Least FavoritesEdit


Least FavoritesEdit


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