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LocoRoco is copyrighted to Sony Computer Entertainment and Japan Studio



  • This wiki is a FANON WIKI. Which means fanfictions of LocoRoco of this wiki are only FAN-MADE by users and the articles of this wiki will not or never be released on games, television, etc.
  • NEVER EVER EVER SWEAR/HARASS/INSULT USERS ON THIS WIKI. Users who do this will automatically get blocked.
  • Please respect everyone's fanfiction stuff, stories, etc because they are their fanfictions and that's what they want to do.
    • If you don't like or disagree with their fanfictions, then don't edit their fanfictions unless they told you to do so.
  • NEVER CRITICIZE USERS WHO MAKE FUN OF CANON CHARACTERS OR HAVE CHILDISH LIKE FANFICS BECAUSE THAT'S THEIR OWN WAY. Again, this wiki is a "FANON WIKI" and please respect everyone's fanfiction stuff, stories, etc because they are their fanfictions and that's what they want to do.
  • If you don't like the user's fanfiction, then "NEVER EVER EVER" comment and tell them that their fanfiction is terrible. It's very rude and the user might get offended when you say that. There is a chance that you will get BLOCKED for saying this.
    • NEVER COMPARE FANFICTIONS THAT ARE BETTER OR NOT (Ex. "User 1's" fanfiction is better that "User 2's" fanfiction).
    • It's okay if you don't like one of the user's fanfiction but DON'T say it on this wiki even to your userpage, talk, blog, etc. Just keep it on your mind instead.
    • Even though the user doesn't care about that, you should still "NOT" comment that you dislike on of their fanfictions.

  • If you want to make your own fanfiction, YOU MUST SEPARATE YOUR OWN FANFICTION ARTICLE WITH A TABBER OF YOUR OWN INSTEAD OF REPLACING THE MAIN ARTICLE WITH YOUR FANFICTIONS IT'S SELF SO THAT IT WILL BE FAIR TO EVERYONE. To do this, you must put "Your Username's Version" for your own tabber title.
    • And never remove other user's tabbers. That is unfair to everyone.
      • Even though the user is inactive, you should still NOT remove the tabber of the inactive user.
    • If you accidentally remove one of the user's tabber/s. It's okay, we forgive you. :)
    • If you don't know what is a tabber or you don't know how to add a tabber, please read this for more information.
    • It's okay to remove you're own tabber but not the other user's tabber unless they told you to do so.
    • If no one wants to contribute to a page beside you only , there is a chance that you DON'T need to add a tabber.
  • Strictly, NO USING OF SWEAR WORDS ON FANDOM ARTICLES. But censored swearing is allowed. If users who are underage ask you what the censored word means, then DON'T TELL THEM!
  • DON'T mess up with everyone's fanfictions without their permission. You can edit anyone's fanfictions ONLY FOR CORRECTIONS SUCH AS SPELLING, GRAMMAR, ETC..
    • If they allow users to edit their fanfictions, that's okay. But users who vandalize their fanfictions have their edits removed and/or will be blocked.
    • Most of this wiki's articles are written in general English. Although some American, British or Australian English words may show on some articles (such as color/colour), please don't correct the spellings unless they told you to do so.
  • Do not make pages unrelated to LocoRoco. Crossovers are still allowed, but pages not related to the LocoRoco universe are not allowed. If an unrelated page has been found, it will be deleted.
    • Example: A LocoRoco and Patapon crossover is allowed but if the page is only related to Patapon and not related to LocoRoco, it might or it will be deleted.
    • LocoRoco characters as minor/cameo characters are okay as long as your fanfiction is related to LocoRoco.

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