Kulche 'Kully' Roco is a supporting character in [[]]. His dialog voice is done by Sumire Morohoshi while his vocal is done by Melody Chubak.


Kulche is shy at first but he is really a happy-go-lucky adventurous kid! Kulche also loves to sing and dance.


LocoRoco Kulche

Kulche as a LocoRoco

Kulche is a yellow-colored LocoRoco with a round, curved single antenna on top. He has dark brown eyes, a small smile, and a high-pitched voice. Kulche's appearance vaguely resembles a Smiley face. Like the other LocoRocos, Kulche is the size of a closed fist of an average adult.

As a human, his hairstyle is similar to Takeru Takaishi's but he still has his antenna or ahoge (anime antenna hair). He is at the age of 5.

Friends and RelativesEdit

Friends and Relatives from LocoRocoEdit

Chavez - His best friend and his somewhat half-brother (Note: this is like Takeru and Yamato as brothers).

Budzi - His 2nd best friend.

Priffy - His babysitter and somewhat love interest.

Viole - His 2nd babysitter and his protector.

Other Relatives from Other CharactersEdit

Takeru Takaishi - HIS OWNER AND "VERY" BEST FRIEND. They even share some similarities.

Patamon - His rival and his frenemy. The reason why is because Patamon thinks that Kulche is taking Takeru's life over Patamon due to Takeru liking Kulche more than Patamon. This makes Patamon extremely jealous at Kulche and they often fight with each other whenever Patamon sees Takeru with Kulche.

Yarida - His best friend. Despite LocoRoco is a rival to the Patapon franchise.

Yaripon - His frenemy. But despite this, they always love to play with each other and have fun.

Doolche - His evil counterpart. After Doolche becomes purified (turns good), he becomes his adoptive big brother. By the way, Doolche is bigger than Kulche and he is the size of a 20 LocoRoco but he still keeps his look as a single Kulche. Unlike the other LocoRocos, Doolche is the size of a basketball (the size of a basketball is also the size of a 20 LocoRoco) rather than a closed fist. His antenna is big and it is hard as a rock whenever he is harsh or when his antenna accidentally hits something. But his antenna gets soft whenever he is calm and relaxed.

Pikachu - His best friend and his playmate.

Asriel Dreemurr - His friend. Asriel is also friends with Takeru Takaishi, Patamon, and Yarida.

Miguel the MuiMui - His best friend.

Meloetta - His friend and somewhat his playmate. They both enjoy singing and dancing with each other.

Shaymin - His enemy. The reason why they are enemies is because they always keep on fighting for food and to see who is cuter.

Kise Yayoi - His best friend. Yayoi loves to play with Kulche, hug Kulche and she even draws cute drawings of him.

Hoshizora Miyuki - His friend. Miyuki loves to see Kulche smile all day long with her.

Favorites and Least FavoritesEdit


  • His favorite foods are nuts, candies and mangoes.
  • His favorite drinks are Mountain Dew and mango shake.

Least FavoritesEdit

  • His least favorite food is durian. Which is ironic because Doolche likes durian.


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