LocoRoco Kulche
Theme SongBu Bu Poruche
Voiced BySumire Morohoshi (JP; dialog)

Melody Chubak (JP; vocal)

Kulche (クルチェ Kuruche) is the yellow LocoRoco whose title is the Energetic Youngster.


Kulche is a yellow-colored LocoRoco with a round, curved single antenna on top. He has dark brown eyes, a small smile, and a high-pitched voice. Kulche's appearance vaguely resembles a typical 'smiley face'.

When Kulche eats a berry or absorbs a second Kulche, his antenna grows into two antennae.


Kulche is shy at first but he is really a happy-go-lucky adventurous kid. Kulche also loves to sing and dance.

Friends and Relatives


  • Viole
  • Budzi
  • Pekeroné
  • Chavez
  • Priffy
  • Tupley




  • Takeru Takaishi - His best friend and playmate. They even share some similarities.
  • Patamon - His rival and his frenemy. The reason why is because Patamon thinks that Kulche is taking Takeru's life over Patamon due to Takeru liking Kulche more than Patamon. This makes Patamon extremely jealous at Kulche and they often fight with each other whenever Patamon sees Takeru with Kulche.
  • Torajiro Asuka - His friend.
  • Musimon - His friend.


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