Chavez 'Chav' Roco is a supporting character in [[]]. His dialog voice is done by TBA while his vocal is done by Cameron Earl Strother.


Chavez usually has a very daring personality, yet sometimes being very goofy and laid-back when around others. He is also aloof but is serious when in really matters. He even speaks with a Spanish accent.


Chavez is a green-colored LocoRoco with brown four sets of hairs on top. He has green eyes, brown eye shadows and his eyes look like a sleepy and yawning look along the game. He also has a brown triangle shaped nose.

As a human, he is also a brown haired boy with tan skin. He is at the age of 14.

Friends and RelativesEdit

Friends and Relatives from LocoRocoEdit

Kulche - His best friend and his almost half-brother.

Budzi - His "somewhat" best friend.

Other Relatives from Other CharactersEdit

Viole - His love interest.

Miguel the MuiMui - His very best friend. They even enjoy talking about Spanish culture.

Yamato Ishida - His owner and best friend.

Favorites and Least FavoritesEdit


Least FavoritesEdit


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