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Budzi 'Buddy' Roco is the first four main characters in The Adventures of LocoRoco Show. His talking voice is done by Andre Robinson (Note: Andre Robinson is also the voice of Donny Mcstuffins) while his singing voice is done by Jeff Gedert and Tomonobu Kikuchi.
Budzi s outfits by hershey990-d8pbmz6

Budzi as a human.


Budzi Roco is a nice boy who is willing to give a hand to everyone in need. But despite his kind attitude, Budzi is also a spoil brat and a mischievous black haired who gets himself into big trouble as seen in Mrs. Roco's Best Dress and Budzi's Big Mess.


Budzi is a black-colored LocoRoco with three sharp-ended spike hairs on top. He has blue green eyes, brown lips with two fangs on the bottom and a brown oval nose.

As a human, he is also a black haired boy with dark skin. He is at the age of 10.

Budzi as a locoroco

Budzi as a LocoRoco

Friends and Relatives


Pekeroné - His best friend.

Kulche - His 2nd best friend.

Chavez - His friend.

Tupley - His friend.

Family Relatives

William Roco - His father.

Mary Roco - His mother.

Priffy - His twin sister.

Lucy Roco - His younger sister.

Doc Mcstuffins -His adopted sister.

Other Relatives

Dora - His love interest.


  • His favorite toys are Olaf the Snowman and Brainy Smurf.
  • His favorite shows are "Funtime with Christopher" and Playing Golf.